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Welcome to Tec-i-Log, your ultimate partner in technological advancement. Our 'i' signifies our profound expertise in IBM i Series, complemented by a robust array of services spanning IBM P series, Cloud Technologies, End-to-End Learning Solutions, Mainframes and BPO services. At Tec-i-Log, we go beyond conventional IT services, seamlessly integrating innovation into every aspect of your business.

Exploring, Crafting, Innovating: Cloud Solutions, Digital Results, Measurable Impact.
Pioneering the digital frontier, empowering resources, delivering eminence.
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Since 2014, Tec-i-Log has been your strategic partner in IT evolution, not just a service provider. We navigate the ever-evolving infrastructure landscape with deep industry expertise aiding cutting-edge tech like AI, ML, and blockchain. Proactive problem-solving, meticulous execution, and a laser focus on real-world business impact guide our journey. From IBM Server Class Systems, Storage, Linux & Windows, Networking, Infra Support & Maintenance to Azure & GCP cloud solutions, we unlock your full potential and rewrite the IT rulebook, together.

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TECiLOG Provide All Kind of Tec Solutions

  • IT Services

    Empower your business with transformative IT services from TECiLOG.

    IBM Technologies – IBM i Series, p Series, Support Services, DB & VMware Cloud Services – AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM IT Infrastructure Service Mainframe/ Legacy Systems Modernization Web and Mobile App Development Blockchain Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
  • Technical Training

    Empowering individuals and IT firms to achieve peak performance through expert-led training and skill development.
    Corporate and Individual Training with SME’s

    IBM i Series - System Admin, IBM i Development. IBM p Series - AIX L1 Training, AIX L2 Training, AIX L3 Training. Google Cloud Blockchain Tableu

    we offer comprehensive business process outsourcing services tailored for both small enterprises and large-scale corporations.

    Systems for support services Data Entry Operations. Data Research Data Solutioning

    We optimize and modernize your mainframe and enhance resiliency.

    zOS Application Programming System Programming Mainframes Modernizations & Infrastructure Management For more information please Click here.
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Nearly 10 years of experience and a mastery of professional skill sets, TECiLog excels in delivering comprehensive IT services and solutions. Our commitment to a customer-centric approach is underscored by cutting-edge technology, ensuring unparalleled service to all our clients. Discover the uniqueness that sets us apart in the realm of IT, and experience excellence redefined.

Validate your vision and provide a clear roadmap.
Innovate solutions for complex problems
Deliver products at 10x speed and maximize efficiency
Adapt to the latest technologies and provide a future-proof product
Ensure product scalability, security, and modularity